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And, we’re back…..

It’s been a good four years, almost five, since this journal closed up shop and disappeared from cyberspace. To be honest, I didn’t really ever imagine I’d bring it back. Although my years as a blogger were definitely an instrumental time in my life, and introduced me to a number of people I may have never otherwise known, it’s simply a period I thought had come to an end. I learned the hard way that it’s difficult to maintain a balance between the need for privacy in your personal life and the desire to share your world with others. It’s even harder to protect yourself from enemies and loved ones alike when your story is always out there for the world to see.

There were, of course, a few times over the past few years that I considered re-launching the site, if for no other reason than I missed blogging every time I had something interesting—or not—-to share. However, during that time, it started to become obvious that the blogging world itself was no longer the same, taken over by Twitter and Facebook and the need to boil down thoughts, feelings, and experiences into 160 characters or less. Anyone who’s ever met me would probably be able to tell you that’s not my forte. Although I’ve used Twitter, and have practically lived on Facebook for the past few years, these newer forms of social media have yet to capture my imagination in the way starting this blog did, over a decade ago.

I do learn from certain mistakes, so I’m hoping to exercise a bit more restraint in sharing the details of my life with total strangers. This time around, I’m going to do my best to share the aspects of my life that are a little less personal, and a little more substantial and intellectually-oriented in nature. For those who are friends, and want the good gossip and general bitching about those that bother me, hop on over to Uninhibited, hosted on LiveJournal. It’s friends-only, or at least most of my posts are, so you’ll need to request me.

I have no idea if anyone will be interested enough to visit this page, but it’s good to be back, even if just for myself. You’ll probably take notice that all comments are moderated, since I’d rather not have the stress of wondering if somebody, somewhere, is going to send me a hateful comment. However, I do welcome hearing from you, so please feel free to speak up and say hi if you’re out there. :)

This blog still won’t go live for at least a few days, since I need to work a bit more on the layout, links, and so forth, but this Election Day seemed a good day to start a new project for the future. Here’s to hoping it’s a positive and interesting one!:)

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