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La Dolce Vita…

One of the things I vowed to concentrate on in 2011 is recapturing a bit of the zest I’ve always had for life, and, in recent years, I’ve found myself sacrificing to age, responsibility, hard work, planning for the future, and—well, being a bit more like everyone else. Being an adult, it appears, means making money, going to sleep before 3 AM, not eating fattening foods, not drinking on the weekdays, and not blowing an entire week’s salary on that bracelet that keeps staring at you, or that trendy restaurant at which you so desperately want to spend a great evening. However, I do miss the zeal for appreciating la dolce vita, something that seems to be missing from my life, and from that of my friends and acquaintances (at least, from what I’ve observed.)

To that end, I’ve made a commitment to live the life I want to, and not to make excuses not to have the new experiences and do the fun things I truly want to do. There’s always a reason; none of my friends want to go with me to an event, a travel experience means time away from my dog, boyfriend, and whatever happens to go on around here, I shouldn’t spend the money on something that seems too extravagant or unnecessary, or travel from my inconvenient suburban location with no car is too restrictive. Ironically enough, in my younger years, I didn’t let these concerns stand in the way of taking risks, having experiences—and there were likely more reasons not to do be that type of person then than there is now. So, I’ve decided that even if I need to do things by myself, or meet new people who share my interests, and even if the things I want in my life mean that my relationship or life in Atlanta just isn’t meant to be, I’m not going to keep creating excuses to limit myself. I can blame where I live, my job, my friends, or my relationship, but none of those things are really keeping me from being adventurous, or being myself.

One of the things I’ve taken an interest in recently is learning more about the things I like, and learning to appreciate them from a more educated, slightly more cultured perspective. I already blogged earlier this month about my movie and book challenge, but I’ve decided to learn more about other things that I enjoy. After all, clothing is more than something to spend money on, wine and spirits aren’t simply something you consume to get drunk, there are forms of culture that don’t exist on a TV screen, and you can have a much different appreciation for food when it doesn’t come in a plastic wrapper.

A great resource I’ve found for learning about and tasting wine is the great community at Snooth . The site also has a wonderful community for spirit lovers and bar aficionados, located at The Spirit.

I also ordered a pretty little new journal, hopefully to inspire me to renew a habit I picked up while working on The Artist’s Way, of writing three pages each day without much thought or structure, or the inclination to self-censor.

I’m enjoying all of these more solitary pursuits, at least for now. It seems refreshing to take time out and work on myself, rather than always seeking external company and stimulation. I’m also looking forward to a whole bunch of things in the future, while generally not feeling today is a huge drag, which is a sign my life is becoming more balanced and more enjoyable. As it turns out, no matter who you are, and at any age, la dolce vita is very important. :)

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