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When Creativity Grows Routine….

One of the negative side effects of writing for a living is that I don’t always find the joy and excitement in writing about other things in my spare time. In fact, by the end of the day, I’m often so burned out from interacting with a computer screen and keyboard, all I want to do is stay as far away from it as possible.

That being said, I miss blogging about my life. I miss e-mailing my friends in something resembling a timely fashion. I miss the bad poetry and maudlin stories I used to write for fun.

These days, my creativity is limited to crafting content for plastic surgeons, articles about dogs, and the occasional promotional content to encourage people to travel to a place I’ve never been. Well, that, and the daily 140-character Facebook status updates.

I actually feel like one of the most dull, creatively uninspired people I’ve ever met, despite that I spend my working hours endlessly creating stuff that didn’t exist before I went to work that day. This is remarkably similar to how I’d feel during a long run of a show, back when I was performing for a living. Perhaps I’m the sort of person that needs a job where creativity isn’t required, in order for my artistic spirit to shine through in my “off” hours, and for me to remember my love of that creative process..

Now I know the *real* reason there’s so many actors, writers, and artists out there waiting tables, tending bar, and driving around on bikes delivering packages. ;)

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