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Responsible “Journalism”….

It always bugs me when I end up reading/listening to media outlets that are full of endless amounts of bullshit, whether it’s Fox News, Glenn Beck, CNN using Facebook updates as “breaking news” sources, or this.

I understand that “journalism” is a term used loosely as it applies to the internet, since, to a certain extent, even this blog is an example of “journalism”. (No. Really. It’s not, I promise.) However, the same rules apply, regardless of the format your “journalism” is taking. Accusing someone of being fired from their job because they have a drinking problem, based on non-specific rumour that can best be described as “some stuff we heard from some people who kind of know about this stuff”—well, that’s not really responsible journalism, even from a site whose tagline reads “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news.”

Unfortunately, in America, that seems to be rather true. If you repeat something often enough, it becomes news, no matter how lacking in foundation. I guess that’s why we now have entire political movements devoted to repeating endlessly that our President isn’t a U.S. citizen, despite the fact that the assertion is simply absurd.

I’m waiting for the website or entertainment news/tabloid show that reminds us “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s lawsuit.” :P

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