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Corrections And Addendums…

I received a rather sharply worded communique from my roommate regarding the candour I employed when telling the story in the previous post. He felt I was out of line in telling it at all, whereas I disagree.

However, just for the record:

Although my previous post talked about illegal activities…specifically the use of illegal drugs…neither my roommate nor myself use any illegal drugs, condone the use of illegal drugs, or have guests in our home that openly use illegal drugs. In fact, we’ve both passed drug tests with flying colours! We also have no specific knowledge that the fictional “Ted” character in the earlier story used illegal drugs, as it did not happen in the presence of anyone involved. While there is a real bar in our neighbourhood that may or may not have patrons willing to buy or sell illegal drugs, we don’t have first-hand knowledge of any of those activities. We’re just street-smart, city-wise people aware of the level of drug-related crime and arrests for such behaviour in and around our neighbourhood.

End of disclaimer. :)

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