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Not Sure If I Should Be Happy, Or Not….

Definitely kind of good news! I had my follow-up with the super-duper ear specialist, and he told me that he believes I don’t have a fistula in my ear. So, that’s the good news, in that I don’t need surgery.

The bad news is, there’s still no clear answers regarding what’s wrong with me. The doctor’s official diagnosis was that I did have a vestibular issue in my right ear, but it has since largely healed itself. He believes that with the passage of more time and vestibular therapy , I should be OK and back to normal.

However, he also thinks—like many other doctors—that I have a panic disorder, which seems to be set off by physical symptoms. Whatever caused my illness this summer likely also started this problem with anxiety, so yet another problem that I need to address.

Part of me had been hoping for a clear-cut problem with a clear-cut solution, but I’m also relieved that surgery isn’t in my near future.

When will I feel better? I don’t know…but I’d really like my life back, and sooner, rather than later.

And I have a crapload of medical bills and take a lot of pills for someone who, technically, isn’t sick.

Oh, and since a friend e-mailed me to ask, this is technically my diagnosis.

It also makes me laugh, because months ago, I talked to a friend of mine, a very smart guy who plays trivia with us (on the team that always wins), and he told me he had very similar symptoms at one point in his life. I asked him what he did about it, and he said that, over time, it improved and became manageable, although he still had bad days with migraines and such. Because of his story, I went to see a doctor that specialised in the inner ear.

After months of tests and waiting and so forth, I find out that what’s wrong with me is almost exactly the same thing he suffered from, and the prognosis is the same…there are some exercises that help, but it gets better over time.

The person who gave me the most accurate diagnosis is the one that didn’t do anything other than talk to me, and didn’t charge me a thing. :P

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