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A Beautiful Night!

This weekend is flying by so quickly, it’s hard to catch a spare moment. It’s one of those where I’ve overbooked myself with work, with social obligations, with spending time with people I adore…and while I really do want to complete everything on time and be everywhere, there’s another part of me that simply wants to take a nap and read a good book.

Nevertheless, I’m particularly excited about attending a fundraiser a dear friend (and exceptionally warm-hearted) woman I’ve known for years is staging. She is one of the most competent event planners I’ve met, and not just in Atlanta, as she has a magical knack for making things happen and for also making people feel genuinely loved in the process.

This evening, she’s put together a fundraiser for a little girl who is suffering from a rare, often terminal form of brain cancer. With all my health issues lately, it kind of puts things in perspective to meet someone who, at such a young age, has such a bright, optimistic, and courageous spirit. I hope it doesn’t make me want to cry…it kind of might.

My friend’s husband, who is a very accomplished magician, will be performing, another especially entertaining treat! So, while I have nothing to wear and am a little stressed about all the work that hasn’t yet been done, it’s going to be a great night.

For those in the Atlanta area with no last minute plans, check it out!

For those on FB, I’m sure there will be plenty of photos to follow (although not of me, of course.) :P

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