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Not a blog, just a little anecdote…

Do you know what never works out well?

Randomly running across someone who is friends with your ex on Facebook, which then puts you in the frame of mind of wondering what he/she is up to, and how much that person has changed since you dated.

If you’re doing this, you obviously didn’t stay on good terms with your ex, and he/she is no longer your friend, on Facebook or anywhere else. Most of the time, you give this fact little thought, except when you’re drinking and melancholy—or you’ve been unfairly reminded by Facebook.

Because you are not friends with your ex, he/she has probably hidden all the personal details available to friends, leaving you to look through the list of his/her friends in order to guess who your ex is dating now, and whether or not he/she seems more attractive, accomplished, and popular than yourself.

There is no answer to this scenario that will make you happy, and yet, it’s like a train wreck. Once someone points out its presence, you kind of just have to look.

And now that Gotye and Kimbra song is back, and this time, it’s appropriate. Facebook should have a feature called “Somebody That You Used To Know”, and be smart enough to hide those people from you.

It’s OK. Rejection abounds in my world recently. ;P

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