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An Abbreviated Blog Day….

Great strides were made today toward becoming an independent and responsible adult. By the end of the month, I will have all the utilities in the apartment hooked up in my own name, hopefully making life easier for the next time I move (should I end up staying in Atlanta.) The annoying part is how much they’re charging me for deposits, since I am “rebuilding my credit” after years of not living like a responsible adult, but they are apparently refundable if you pay your bill on time each month, for a certain period of time.

Note to self:pay bills on time.

Not much to blog about today, since I’m a bit behind on pretty much everything, but today the podcast for my Write Club appearance (which seems like years ago) was posted. I highly encourage you to check it out; my competitor’s piece is a riot, and mine pretty much sounds like what you’d get if you read my typical relationship-oriented blog out loud and added a laugh track.

Good times. :P

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