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Ooooo….a guest blogger!!

Today, my page has been hijacked by the world of Bizzaro Alayna. You may feel there’s just too much rationality and adult-outlooks-on-life for you to handle, but don’t worry, I’ll probably have some odd story to share tomorrow.

Jaded Elegance has never had a guest blogger before; in fact, it’s such a self-involved, Alayna-centric project that when I brought the current incarnation back to life I chose to disable comments (any real, valuable feedback would be sent via e-mail, anyhow.). However, through a project on Swap-Bot that allows bloggers to increase their exposure through making guest posts on the pages of other bloggers, while simultaneously entertaining more people, I was introduced to the lovely and talented Emme. Emme has put together a very well-written piece about self-discipline, thinking past one-day-at-a-time mentality, not being an impulsive hedonist, and generally living in a way that embodies most everything that *I* am not. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if ever I get a bright idea that’s bound to go terribly and tragically wrong (painting your room Barney-purple after a guy has broken up with you at 3 AM only to realise that the paint is designed to block out light and you have to buy 10 more lamps for your room, moving to a city you’ve never visited before because a guy you’ve known for two weeks asked you to move in with him, going camping in the woods with hippies wearing cute sandals with heels, falling for the most unavailable guy that’s likely to either reject me or complicate my life at any given point, forgiving the roommate that lost two months’ rent money gambling and suggesting others should trust him and forgive him in the future.), that Emme is probably the person I should write to and say, “Hey, wouldn’t this be an awesome idea?”

I’m willing to bet that 9 times out of 10, the answer is no. She’s probably scowling at me as I eat the Hershey’s bar that was placed in my room for “emergency purposes.” (Side note: PMS is a genuine emergency.)

Anyhow, here’s her wonderful piece on the advantages of self-improvement, called “Eating Your Frog First”. (OMG! Who would eat a frog?! *guards her stuffed frog possessively*)



(Frog. Do NOT eat.)

Simply put, eating your frog first is taking care of what you least want to do first. I have been working on this for awhile now… all in my head. It is easy for me to tell myself something and agree to it; however, it is entirely different to accept it as truth. The easiest person for me to lie or break promises to… is myself. Perhaps the only remorse I feel is that I do not feel remorse from doing this. At least I have never let myself feel remorse. After all… who am I harming? Future Me. Future me is still an unknown person. I have yet to meet her and letting her have my consequences is so much more entertaining than accepting them myself.

What does this have to do with you?

Sometimes when one starts to make plans they tend to overlook the most obvious person affected. Consequences are put off until later, because it is always easiest to handle them later. If you do not want to handle it now… what makes you think future you is going to appreciate it? It all comes down to decisions. How we make our decisions affects everything that happens to us and to those around us in the future.

Current me cannot stand a lot of the decisions that past me made; although, I do realize that those decisions have brought me to where I am today and I would not change that for the world. That said, when big decisions come around I try to at least remember to think about future me while trying to decide how to handle them.

Past me ten years ago wanted to be an event coordinator or a curator of 16th Century artifacts. I had trained in both of those things and I did enjoy working as a curator the best; however, past me four years ago found out she could not make a living wage in this area doing that so she went back to school for accounting. Two years ago past me finished paying off the student loans for her past me and found there was no job for her in the accounting world and accounting is really boring. Current me is a personal assistant who often has the opportunity to use her varied education and life experiences (thankfully). Currently I would love to go to cooking school and learn how to long-arm quilt. Thankfully, with both of these decisions I have put future me first. Future me does not want to pay off the loans from either school or a non-necessary giant sewing machine purchase.

Current me hates exercising and cleaning about as much as future me hates having extra weight and more of a mess to clean. It’s the day to do decisions that are what I struggle with. So each morning I remind myself to eat my frog first and sometimes I actually pull on my big girl pants and do it… sometimes… yeah… I’m only human.

Emme is an eclectic individual who finds it really awkward to describe herself and talk about herself in third person. She uses the world as her accountability partner as she works through her goals. When she is not working, traveling or crafting, she loves to try new things and review them.

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