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A Random Bit Of Evocative Imagery….

“The right color of red hair has not come along and sat down at the bar on a Tuesday when the jukebox was playing Leonard Cohen, and your Manhattan tasted like the future.” ~ Lisa Taddeo

This is the random kind of post only my writer friends will care about, but the good news is, it’s short. :P

A friend of mine shared this on FB today because she thought it was beautiful.

She was absolutely right.

Of course, it was attached to the billionth article I’ve read recently about why people cheat, how everyone’s capable of infidelity, and how it’s just human nature to be dishonest and betray those you love. To which, of course, I responded with my standard comments on society’s unrealistic expectations that we should look to find everything in one partner, and then feel betrayed when the person we love either resents us for holding them back from being able to grow in ways that sometimes only relationships with other people allow, resents us for stifling them and being overly demanding, or ultimately lies and cheats because part of human nature is growth and freedom–and a partner who doesn’t understand that is probably not your ideal partner. Yet, since most people aren’t as open-minded as they’d like to think and are more selfish and possessive than is necessary (I include myself here, of course), ideal partners are hard to find. We just all try to come as close as we possibly can.

In short, the typical response from the “monogamy and adultery are not the only two options in permanently committed relationships” viewpoint. I didn’t link to the article, because we’ve had this conversation many times in different forms, on FB and on my blog, and in person, if you know me…and re-posting it on my FB wall may not the smartest of moves right now. Also, it’s not a particularly unique article in any way.

The exception is, as this lovely and talented writer friend pointed out, there’s this one brilliant line worthy of recognition.

It is probably the only recognition I’ll give Esquire magazine (where the article appeared) for the rest of the year, so…you know, kudos.

This blog, however, is most definitely worth a read. This girl has a great voice and an individualistic style, and like many women, I can relate. I’ll certainly be back.

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