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My Dirty Little Secret…..

Everyone has a dirty little secret about themselves, one they don’t necessary announce to all of their friends, for fear of being judged and/or mocked mercilessly. It may be the Britney Spears album you still own and break out when you’re feeling blue, or that you secretly sing disco songs in the shower in the morning, or the pair of Hammer pants still sitting in the back of your closet from your high school/college years.

In case you were wondering (and if you’re reading this, I must fascinate you enough that you are in fact wondering…:P), here’s my dirty little secret:

I love the movie “Titanic”.

Yes, I know. It’s not cool to admit you love “Titanic”, or that you used to sing that Celine Dion song at karaoke bars (and did so well enough that strangers would buy you drinks instead of throwing them at you. But, I do. It’s an integral part of my college years, holds fond memories, and is just a pretty awesome movie, aside from the personal connection I have with that movie.

I could go on about how I love the movie because like Kate Winslet’s character, I survived a tragedy in my life that claimed the life of someone I loved, and had to learn to move on from that. I could mention that I love the movie because Kate Winslet represented something I wasn’t used to seeing in movies at the time, a female protagonist who was not only strong and spirited, but resembled me, in the way of being someone who was charming because of her curves and vivaciousness and bright red hair, and not in spite of those unconventional things. I could even mention that it was an awesome movie because, back then, Leonardo DiCaprio was cute.

However, those aren’t any of the reasons I love that movie. I love it because it’s sweet, romantic, utterly unrealistic, cheesy, dramatic, tear-jerking, and has every emotion in the universe packed into three hours, on a big boat. All the things I hate about chick flicks, romantic comedies, unrealistic adventure movies, and cheesy dramatic moments…they all show up from time to time in “Titanic”, but it didn’t stop me from seeing it in the movie theatre 7 times, and probably another 20 on DVD. If I were not still too sick as a result of the vestibular disorder to handle the movie theatre, I’d be there watching the 3D IMAX version repeatedly, with a box of M&M’s in one hand, and tissues in another.

Oh, and for the record, I never had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio like the rest of the girls my age did when that movie came out. For some reason, I was irrationally attracted to Billy Zane, who plays one of the biggest douchebags in the history of any movie. Of course, this immediately followed my Hugh Grant phase, so I apparently favour dark-featured British guys who are total assholes, even when pretending to be charming (at least in movies.) I also went through a phase of liking guys who are clearly gay. Life would have been much simpler for me at that time in my life if I’d just found Leonardo DiCaprio a little more physically attractive. :P

I also love the movie “Notting Hill”, but that’s another story for another time.

Let the judgement commence. :P

Oh, and if you’re interested in reading thoughts more interesting than mine on blogs far more entertaining, learn about one-night stands, and how to have them. (This, of course, reminded me why I no longer have them, and causes me to wonder why I ever did…though those are dirty little secrets for another time and place.)

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