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Visiting With Marilyn…..

This morning, I woke up to realise that I had just been having the weirdest possible dream.

While this is not anything new for me…weird dreams and I kind of dwell in the same Universe…I can usually figure out some rhyme or reason behind the dream on a subconscious level, what it signifies, if it was a psychic dream, if it was a TV/movie dream, or if it was just a totally screwed up, weird dream.

In my dream this morning, I was working on planning an event. It must have been a younger version of me, because I was in the house I used to live in when I lived in New York, and a bunch of people were all meeting up to work on a project, so we’ll say it was me during my college years in this dream, although I looked exactly as I do now.

In the dream, I was annoyed because people weren’t listening to me, and there was no sense of order about me trying to get stuff done. I felt disrespected and ignored, and I was especially hurt because this guy I liked (who is not a real person I’ve ever seen before) kept behaving as if I didn’t exist—as did many other people in the room—because of a very attractive blonde that everyone was killing themselves to get to know. Except me, of course….I was generally annoyed by her existence.

Here’s the weird part of the dream, however: when the blonde girl turned around and I saw her face-to-face, it was Marilyn Monroe! *laughs*

While I’d probably ignore me to talk to Marilyn Monroe, too, it’s one of the weirdest scenarios that’s happened in my dream in a long time, and I woke up feeling totally confused.

I suppose I could have had this dream for a number of reasons. Yesterday, I started working on a blog (which isn’t finished yet) about rejection and judgment and how actors/performers handle these things “differently” than most, while not being affected by them any less…and the result is that many put themselves out there too much in everyday life and personal relationships, as if the whole world is an audition, and you have 5 minutes to be as direct and straightforward as possible, and leave the impression you wish to leave. Also, there is this television show I watch that comes on on Monday nights called “Smash”, which is about the making of a musical that’s about Marilyn Monroe.

Before I went to sleep last night, I had conversation on Facebook with a very good friend of mine, one who looks or acts absolutely nothing like Marilyn Monroe, but is a very attractive blonde that commands a lot of attention for her good looks and perky personality, and sometimes leaves me feeling a bit insecure in comparison. Finally, it could be a psychic dream, of sorts—-a warning that I guy I am involved with, like, or have a crush on is going to ignore me and break my heart due to the appearance of an attractive, voluptuous blonde in his life.

It could be any, or all of these things. I don’t know. What I DO know is that it was a seriously odd dream. And, apparently, I wouldn’t much care for hanging out with Marilyn. :P

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