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Transit Of Venus….

For those who don’t know, today was a pretty special day…for pretty much everyone on the Earth. When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing to know there’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that bonds every single person on the planet to one another, something that is so much bigger that each of us, or all of us put together.

Today is the event known as Transit Of Venus, the time where the planet Venus travels between the Sun and the Earth, visible as a small black dot moving across the sun. Someone today (I forget who, so my apologies) described it as a beauty mark lighting up the Sun.

The last Transit Of Venus happened in 2004. The only other recorded occurrences throughout history took place in 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, and 1882. The next dates marked for this phenomenon are 2117 and 2125.

It’s pretty amazing to realise that something has occurred that will never again occur in our lifetimes. Many of us have great-grandparents and grandparents and even parents that were never able to experience this phenomenon in their lifetimes, and even a child born tomorrow is very unlikely to live to see a Transit Of Venus.

I’m not particularly interested in science or astronomy (apologies to all my “SCIENCE!”-loving friends), but it’s no secret that I do have a particularly sentimental, intuitive, and even spiritual side. The feeling of knowing that there is this one moment in time that simply can’t be duplicated—at least not in my lifetime, or in the lifetimes of the little ones that are more and more frequently beginning to populate the lives of my friends, it’s overwhelming. The realisation of how large the idea of time truly is, and how small the lifespan of the average human being, is both breathtaking and sad.

Most things in life are not once in a lifetime. If something isn’t quite right, if a moment doesn’t live up to expectation, if some moment in your life isn’t as magnificent as you’d hoped, there’s the chance to try again. We spend our lives believing in this, often until our very last moment on Earth. That’s human nature, and what makes spirits resilient, and how hope continues to spring eternal.

What if, however, we did treat more and more moments as if they were truly once-in-a-lifetime? What if there were more moments so powerful they left you speechless with the knowledge that it really is about living in that particular moment, and nothing else? Imagine how much more potential life would have for the extraordinary.

I felt like crying, because after the very difficult year I’ve been through—one where I’ve felt extremely alone at times, and uncertain about my own future and my own simple existence at others—I simply felt blessed that I was here, on this Earth, for that moment in time. I felt grateful that my friends, family, loved ones, acquaintances, and everyone else who has touched my life happened to be out there somewhere, sharing that moment with me.

For just a moment, I felt like the most insignificant, yet most loved and blessed, thing on the planet. Then, the moment passed, and everything went back to what it was before. Yet, I was more aware of living in the moment, of the knowledge that each one may not be rare and special…but once in awhile, there’s one that might be, and will be, as long as you have your eyes open and are looking for it.

I need a reminder, now and then, to walk through my moments with my eyes and my heart open to possibility, to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, to those things that are larger than yourself and you may not understand, but don’t easily forget. Like many dreamers, romantics, idealists, overly emotional spirits, I spend so much time looking within myself, recounting the past, dreaming about the future, that I can easily forget to treasure the now. This moment, here, writing to you: well, it may just be something special after all.

An old friend once took me to an astrologer, one who read my natal chart and determined that, despite a birth sign that is typically very grounded, practical, and goal-oriented, I was ruled by the influence of Venus, which made for an interesting combination of personality attributes. Apparently, I am one who is naturally capable of great achievement, great passion, and great influence over others. In time, I will supposedly learn the art of making the most of both aspects of my personality, something that will lead me to quite the memorable life.

I do not know if any of this has any truth behind it, but I know that the next seven months of my life are meant to have a dramatic shift, and chaos is actually supposed to bring the great and the unexpected into my world. If the almost spiritual moment I had today meditating upon the Transit Of Venus is any sign, I’d say perhaps the next 7 months of my life are off to a great start. :)

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