I’ve been amusing myself by learning about my astrological features on Cafe Astrology. Although I’ve had my natal chart done before, it’s been a long time since I’ve read up on what all the facets of the planets have to say about me and my future.

In particular, I learned that romantic compatibility is not based on Sun sign, but on what sign your Venus happens to fall in. You have to know a lot about another person to know how romantically compatible you are, including what time they were born.

Apparently, my Venus was in Aquarius when I was born—ironically, almost everyone with whom I don’t get along has Aquarius as a Sun sign, including family members and ex-boyfriends.

Here’s what it has to say about me. I’m going to start getting curious about the birth dates of other people I know, just to see how “on” this happens to be. *laughs* Maybe my soulmate is written in the stars somewhere. (my compatibility reading with the Guy I Am Currently Dating mentioned I didn’t want to get married, and was more suited to a less traditional relationship…which may sound about right. :P )

When your Venus is in Aquarius, you don’t want to follow all the “rules” in love, preferring to love in your own way, unfettered by convention or what is “supposed” to be, or usually, done. You are future-minded, a tad unconventional (in love, anyhow) and there’s an unmistakable “free spirit” in you that shows up most obviously in matters of the heart. This is not to say you cannot—or will not—fall in love. Infatuations happen easily, but true love can be a little elusive for you. When you do make a commitment, you are generally able to stick to it. The commitment you make generally has to be a little different in order to be tolerable to you, and you are proud of that difference. Following the beaten track simply doesn’t sit well with you.

You have an aloof air about you that others find attractive. If they are looking for a commitment from you at a later date, however, what was once considered charismatic might become annoying! It is easy for you to feel claustrophobic in relationships that are too close, too needy, or too demanding of your time. If you have the space to breathe a little, all the better. This is when you are at your best.

You are a curious person and enjoy intellectual stimulation in your relationships. Although you are not someone who would be considered flighty, you do not tolerate stagnation very well. You need to feel like your relationship is heading somewhere. Your ability to detach yourself from a situation, take a step back, and look at it from a unique perspective is a tremendous strength. As willing as you are to stir things up if you are in the mood to enforce change, there is a wonderful calm surrounding you that can be most appealing to others. You are ahead of your time in matters of the heart, and you will be best off finding a partner who values your insight.

Venus in Aquarius:

Venus in Aquarius people try to impress you with their open-minded, future-thinking spirit. They want you to see them as unique, rebellious, and a little provocative. They are attractive when they are acting a little aloof. They want you to acknowledge and appreciate that they don’t follow the beaten track in matters of the heart. Venus in Aquarius men and women are attracted to unusual or unconventional relationships. They don’t want to follow all the rules, although they may make quite a few of their own. They can appear quite standoffish at times, and are threatened by restrictions of any kind. Emotional types may be put off by their detached manner in love. Venus in Aquarius wants you to love them for their intellect, and to admire their visions. They value lovers who are also good friends, and they avoid emotional displays or confrontations like the plague. Venus in Aquarius will delight in shocking you with their unusual ways and their forward-looking thinking.

Pleasing Venus in Aquarius involves letting them know just how interesting they are. Put up with their occasional need to act superior on an intellectual level — they are very proud of their unique ideas and visions. Dream along with them, and don’t fence them in. They need space and will happily return the favor, giving you lots of room to breathe and to be yourself. “

Check out this site, and get *tons* of astrological information about you based on your birth information…and if you’re in a relationship, you can do a compatibility report between you and and another person. :) A cool distraction as Mercury moves out of retrograde!