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Tar And Feathers Are A Great Way To Make An Exit…

Yes, you know you were waiting for it. :P Due to the overwhelming (positive and negative) response to my article this week on “The Myth Of The Geek Girl”, and the many threads of discussion that spun off from it, I was asked to write a companion piece. Obviously, I am a glutton for punishment. *laughs*

I do not anticipate I will be writing for the publication in the future. I am a professional who brings them a huge spike in numbers whenever I publish. Yet, I’m expected to do more work than I do for any paying job. I’m expected to do things in exactly the way they want, although my way is something that, I’ve discovered over time, is more successful as a marketing tactic. I write about controversial things where I am attacked by strangers for their hits, and everyone who defends me does so privately…and I’m asked to write a second article defending and explaining myself. Frankly, me writing to this crowd about why they’ve always made me feel ostracised is equivalent to asking Abraham Lincoln to win over plantation owners.

All this animosity came to a head today because the girl who runs the blog I wanted to “help out” didn’t like that I wasn’t linking to my posts the right way. There’s no compensation for any of this, and I didn’t work today so I could finish the article and find images and she could edit it. Then, once I’d promoted to half of FB, she asked me to delete them all and link directly to the group’s page and tiny thumbnail, so it would redirect to their group’s FB page and everything would be in one place. I told her she’d get less traffic that way..and by that time, the comments had already started rolling in. She still wanted me to undo and redo all my work. Meanwhile, I bring in a larger audience than any other person on that site, and you think they’d want me around. But they don’t, really, and the “geek following” just wants to tear me down, no matter what I say. I can’t do anything right, no matter how hard I try. But I’m always there to take the hits. It’s not fair to me.

I know what they get from me. What am I getting from them? I thought support and encouragement, because they were my friends. Yesterday, their only other professional writer quit. I tried and tried to get her not to. I understand why I could not change her mind. I was absolutely livid at what they asked me to do for them, after all I’d done. I don’t work well being micro-managed, and I’ve left other gigs because of it.

So, since this will be my last article, and I will likely be torn limb from limb by their audience, who does not find me charming in the slightest…please stop by and say hello and goodbye, leave an encouraging comment, and whatever else. I will, once October comes around, be focusing on my blog and my audience…since you’re the ones who are always there for me, and if you don’t like what I have to say…I’ve disabled comments. ;P

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