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Egocentric C*nts,Condescending Bitches,And Neo-Feminism….

This story starts off predictably, with the anecdote “I was on Facebook today”…..

I was just called an “egocentric cunt” because I discussed my shocking radical feminist views (like that we should have rights, not accept rape culture as funny, and both expect to be treated with respect and treat ourselves with respect.) on the thread of an acquaintance who proudly calls himself anti-feminism, and a friend of his (who he called out for poor treatment of women) who apparently thinks women have value as sexual objects and are “walking vaginas” when he meets them in bars and clubs. Then, when I proposed perhaps meeting people in the meat market that has become American bars and clubs is not the best way to judge, where people often do not present themselves at their best, I was called condescending and told I was part of why feminism doesn’t work (by another woman).

Someone in the thread directed me to a website I found appalling, one that depicted “poems” with graphic descriptions of rape, humiliation, male “privilege”, and it is simply horrible to read. I’d post it here, but I honestly don’t want it to get more views, and it is itself a walking trigger warning. Expressing that it was appalling to me led to it being explained “It’s a joke and it’s supposed to be horrible”.

I don’t understand. In what way is rape and humiliation in poetic form “a joke?” You’re not making up limericks here, but describing what it’s like to humiliate and violate others. The fact that the website was sent to me by a woman is even more odd to me.

I may be a condescending and egocentric cunt, but I often feel I am in a generation where I do not belong. 40 years ago, I think I may have been treated differently, had I been around during that time. I happen to be part of a generation that largely does not demand social progress in a time when most of us should be pissed off and fighting, and becomes angry and wonders what is wrong with you when you do.It upsets me that so many my age, male and female, are proud to be “anti-feminist”, claim that “neo-feminism” is tearing the country down, and state they do not believe in gender equality. And of course, stating that feeling leads to being called a word reserved to demean and offend women as highly as possible. Is that funny, too?

It often feels like fighting a hopelessly losing battle; but I look at our society and how so many people my age are unhappy and unfulfilled and bitter and angry on many levels, and I know I’m not wrong. The things the hippies in the 1960′s were fighting for are not so much reflected in 2013 culture. I guess the lesson to take away is “I ruin everything” when I speak (something a woman wrote about my opinions). Not the first time I’ve heard that, but thanks for the ego boost!

I have loved visiting the great state of North Carolina and made some great friends visiting. But I see why, outside of the tiny little liberal enclaves, it is certainly not a place I belong. I imagine the same is true of most of the Southeast, and I’m certainly not going to change society. But it’s shocking that some of these views come from people my age, who are supposedly my peers.

I wonder if we’re slowly becoming dehumanised, and it is painful to watch. (as determined in previous posts, I am an empath and an idealist.) Also, a condescending and egocentric cunt. It’s like being called “mean” and a “bitch’ at a bar because you’re there to drink with your friends, not to hook up with someone who has had too many and feels “entitled”.

Do I think the fact that our society routinely does this to people shows remarkable lack of empathy or interest in building real relationships and friendships? I absolutely do.

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